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   Twice Lucky is the only true online thrift store available. We take pride as the prime destination for name brand retail shopping. Whether you are on the look for top brands for women’s clothes, shoes, purses and handbags, we can offer mainstream brands like Coach, or Michael Kors as well as ready-to-wear brands from malls like Gap, J. Crew, Banana Republic and BCBG. We are a treasure trove for all those fashion forward women!

In 2014, Twice Lucky opened a shop to cater for Houston’s fashionable women whose inclination for top fashion labels are beyond satiety. It was spearheaded by a teenager named Jerimicho who had the curiosity towards owning a business at a very young age. After his short stint as a business owner on his eBay dropshipping company in 2013, Jerimicho thought of establishing a credible business that will not just support his education for college but to also achieve community involvement. Having been surrounded by fashionable women throughout his life, this young entrepreneur thought of opening a business which will cater the buying and selling of pre-owned name brand clothes and apparel. He called this vision Twice Lucky.

There is a cornucopia of thrift stores in Houston but Twice Lucky is a utopia for all those fashionable women out there wanting to look good without hurting their pocketbooks. As a top performing resale store, we embrace the buying and selling of gently used designer clothes and handbags. Twice Lucky purchases and sells high quality women’s used clothing from top fashion brands that are stylish and trendy. We can buy and sell it at very reasonable costs. Our wide selection of gently-used designer pieces such as clothes, bags, hats, footwear and jewellery are sold at very affordable prices. Through Twice Lucky, our clients wear fashionable labels at 70-80% off the retail prices.

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We provide charitable donations for non-profit organizations that share our passion in helping mother earth a better place to live.

As a “Recycle Clothing Store” we are not only able to recycle goods and decrease landfill but through your generous support, we are able to make monthly donations to our favorite neighborhood Charities.

Every time our customers chooses a token for donation instead of the plastic bag, the chosen charity will receive $5 cents donation. Our customers will also have a chance to donate their clothes to our partner local charity.

100% of the donations we receive from our customers go to the partnered charities in our community.

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